BAD FEVER (2011)

Availability: DVD | iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo. Runtime: 77 minutes. Format: HD.

  • "Highly original." Editors Pick, New York Magazine

  • "(Defa's) raw-toned drama is quietly hectic and brutally poignant." Richard Brody, The New Yorker

Alternatively quiet and delirious, always desperate, Bad Fever is a witness to one man’s broken American dream and his eternal longing to find someone, anyone, who understands or even pretends to understand. Eddie (Kentucker Audley) bumbles his way through an agonizing courtship with Irene (Eleonore Hendricks), a manipulating drifter who videotapes their fleeting moments together. To express his true feelings for her, he painstakingly orchestrates his debut stand-up performance at the local comedy club. Here is a portrait of two lonely trains passing each other by on the emotional railroad tracks of a forgotten city.

Festivals: SXSW, Maryland Film Festival, Starz Denver Film Festival, San Francisco Indie Fest, Indie Memphis, Dalas Video Festival, Unknown Pleasures Film Festival, Northside DIY Film Festival, Eastern Oregon Film Festival, Cincinnati Film Festival and SLCFF Film Festival.