Kentucker Audley is a filmmaker & actor. His latest film Sylvio debuted at SXSW and was named one of the Best 10 Movies of 2017 by The New Yorker. As an actor, he stars in the critically-acclaimed indie films, Christmas, Again (Indiewire lists as one of the top holiday movies of all time) and Sun Don't Shine, among others. Also, he founded NoBudge, "one of the best places to sample what’s happening in low-budget cinema worldwide" (The New York Timesand Movies Brand.

"Kentucker Audley has built up quite a resume over the years as an always-welcome indie leading man—in movies like Sun Don’t Shine and Christmas, Again—and as an advocate for micro-budgeted filmmaking, though his curated video service NoBudge. He’s also developed a sideline as a deadpan commentator on the vacuousness of film culture." -AV Club 

“Among the actors coming to prominence in independent films is Kentucker Audley, who has given thrilling, demanding, unsparing performances in “Bad Fever,” “Sun Don’t Shine,” “Christmas, Again,” and elsewhere." -The New Yorker

"If Kentucker Audley were just an actor and director, he'd still be one of the more notable figures in the crowd of America's current independent cinema." -Village Voice

"Audley draws you in in the way the old movie stars used to do: his emotions are clear and mysterious at the same time."

"Maybe the most fascinating actor in current American penny-budgeted cinema." -LA Weekly 

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