Availability: Free Streaming Vimeo and YouTube // Runtime: 61 minutes. Format: SD Digital.

One of the first films deemed mumblecore, this 2007 film was the debut of Kentucker Audley that won praise for its deadpan humor. Made and set in Memphis, Tennesse, the film was made for $1,500 and wears its lo-fi proudly on its sleeve.

Praise for the film:

  • "If [director Kentucker Audley] continues to make eccentric gems like 'Team Picture' he will be assured a place as an important figure in American independent film." Nick Dawson, Filmmaker Magazine

  • "Team Picture is a gorgeous movie, sad and dreamy in places, with a quality of acting and characterization and an ear for sound and nuance that few movies achieve." Brian Pera, Fanzine

  • "Gloriously directionless... Audley [has] a light but deft touch, like Howard Hawkes at half speed." Derek Jenkins, Oxford American

  • "A lazy, Memphis afternoon of a movie... In little over an hour 'Team Picture' creates a world and the lives in it." Boston Phoenix

  • "3.5 stars out of 4. Hits the screen with dead-on accuracy... perfectly captures a young man at a moment of almost pure indecision... utterly convincing and deadpan-hilarious." John Beifuss, Commercial Appeal

More praise for the film:

  • "Audley's studious avoidance of rhetorical heightening reveals a complex world on the other side of the programmatic conflicts and patterned intensification of mainstream filmmaking." Prof. Ray Carney, author of CASSAVETES ON CASSAVETES

  • "A pretty funny character study, a shambling ode to the fine art of hanging out." Steve Dollar, New York Sun

  • "There's great, understated comedy...and there's also tenderness." Chris Herrington, Memphis Flyer

  • "For all its air of off-the-cuff indeterminacy, Team Picture is actually quite pointed." Sight and Sound

  • "At times Audley's long shots approach the painterly beauty of pastoral landscapes. I'm crushing heavily on 'Team Picture' right now." Karina Longworth, Spout

Release date: August 20th, 2008.