OPEN FIVE (2010)

Availability: Free Streaming Vimeo & YouTube. | Runtime: 63 minutes. Format: HD Digital.

The critically-acclaimed 3rd film from director Kentucker Audley continues his streak of authentic, ambling no-budget films. This summer film made in Memphis won praise for its sincerity, laid-back humor, and naturalistic performances. Co-written and starring musician Jake Rabinbach (The Echo Friendly), Open Five is the story of two young New York women visiting Memphis for a complicated weekend of juke joints, ‘singing and dancing’ churches & backyard hangs.

Praise for the film:

  • "One of Top 25 Films of 2010" Richard Brody, The New Yorker

  • "Exquisitely crafted! OPEN FIVE has the epic intimacy of weekend nights that seem to stretch beyond the actual brevity of time. Its strong core cast hits all the right notes at all the right times." Cullen Gallagher, HAMMER TO NAIL

  • "A strong, powerful, mysterious work." Ray Carney, Author of 'Cassevetes on Cassevetes'

  • "One of 10 Best Undistributed Films" Karina Longworth, LA Weekly

More praise:

  • Has the feeling of sketches from life — a wealth of emotion and experience emerge both from its brisk lines and from its white spaces." Richard Brody, THE NEW YORKER

  • "Notable mainly for shifting the landscape of aimless, youthful contemplation from the city to the countryside, but its record of the ambivalent desires and drifting ambitions of a group of friends is artful enough to be touching as well as vague. A.O. Scott, THE NEW YORK TIMES

  • "The most interesting thing about OPEN FIVE is how the film consciously punctuates its 'not a movie' moments with scenes that are perfect little instances of movie magic. There are compositions here that soak in the deep Southern landscape with the same affection that Renoir had for the 19th-century slackers and shady grove in his LE DEJEUNER SUR L'HERBE." Steve Dollar, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

  • "Best Films 2010 Honorable Mention" Hammer to Nail

  • "The best American film of the year!" Craig Keller, CINEMASPARAGUS

  • "More focused than many of its brethren, [OPEN FIVE] reps another worthy theatrical preem for Gotham's reRun Gastropub Theater, fast becoming the NXNW launchpad for minimalist SXSW-type fare... Thesping is faultless..." Ronnie Scheib, VARIETY

Created by Kentucker Audley and Jake Rabinbach. Directed by Kentucker Audley. Starring Jake Rabinbach, Shannon Esper, Genevieve Angelson, and Kentucker Audley. Featuring Amy Seimetz and Caroline White. Shot by Joe Swanberg. Additional Cinematography and Sound by David Lowery. Produced by Paper Moon Films - Ryan Watt and Nick Case. Produced by Alarum Pictures - Adam Hohenberg. Funded by crowd contributions via Chipin.

Release Date: October 21st, 2010.